Stretch Partner Anyone?

When people see me working out, they always say what are you training for. I quickly yell "life." Well while training today I thought to myself "Geez, I need a stretch partner." 

Then I thought to myself "I need one for life also."

 Why for life?

Well first let’s start with what a stretch partner really is. The fitness definition is someone that assists another with their flexibility. My definition of a stretch partner is someone who stretches one beyond their limits.

I think we all need a stretch partner.

  • Someone that stretches us past our comfort zones
  • Stretches us to do more than we thought we could do
  • Someone that pushes us to do better and reach higher
  • Someone that holds us accountable
  • Someone that tells you to breathe and relax during a storm (life battle)


Brief muscle talk (bear with me).

We all have this system in our body called a stretch reflex. Quick example is when we stretch our muscles to far a signal is sent to the muscle forcing it to contract. This stretch reflex system protects us from danger. We can pretty much call it a protective mechanism.

In life, we hesitate and talk ourselves out of jumping into a new venture. In a sense we can call it a reflex due to fear. We feel that our hesitations and excuses of not pursuing our dreams is an acceptable protective mechanism. That protects of from:

  • The unknown.
  • Failing
  • Losing
  • Defeat

As stated above, fear is a response to danger. There is no danger in following your dreams. There is no danger in growth. There is a lesson to be learned in each and every journey we take.

Make sure you have the right Stretch Partner around you. The wrong one may have that same fear reflex as you.

 Go find you a Stretch Partner today and get STRETCHED!

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