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Stretch Partner Anyone?

Stretch Partner Anyone?

When people see me working out, they always say what are you training for. I quickly yell "life." Well while training today I thought to myself "Geez, I need a stretch partner." 

Then I thought to myself "I need one for life also."

 Why for life?

Well first let’s start with what a stretch partner really is. The fitness definition is someone that assists another with their flexibility. My definition of a stretch partner is someone who stretches one beyond their limits.

I think we all need a stretch partner.

  • Someone that stretches us past our comfort zones
  • Stretches...

Acceptable Loss

Acceptable Loss

I recently came across a movie titled Acceptable Loss

These two words positioned side by side caught my attention. We live in a world where to accept defeat is deemed as the ultimate death. We are taught numerous quotes and phrases such as: 

  • Never give up

  • Don't quit

  • Have grit

  • Perseverance

  • Can't stop a man who won't give up

I, myself believe in each and everyone of these words, phrases,...

Don't Eat The Pie!

Don't Eat The Pie!

Yes, the new year is approaching and we are setting weight loss goals which will force us to stay away from the pie. However, in life we should not eat a particular kind of PIE! 

  What Pie is that? I'm glad you asked! 

People Inconsiderate of Everything!

These people will drain you!

Who are these people? What exactly are you talking about?


  • People you make time for but they don't return the favor

  • People you help in...

Embrace being different

Embrace being different

Recently, in a class we went over some questions that we are to ask older adults to test their cognitive function (part of Mini Mental State Exam).  One of the test we administer are Registration. We state to the patient 3 words that have nothing to do with each other and they are immediately asked to repeat these words to the Dr. 

This got my wheels turning. 

I thought to myself, what if my three words were White people, Black people, Hispanic people. My mind immediately jumps to well Chris those words are related. Then I think, well are they?...

Why are you upset?

Why are you upset?

Just my perspective!!

People often approach me in regards to achieving their goals. They all say I'm a hard worker but can't seem to:

  1. Save the right amount of money

  2. Get out of debt

  3. Make the varsity team

  4. Pass all classes


Once again just my perspective.

I was raised with the mentality, of "if it's to be it's up to me!"  Now keep in mind my parents never let me make excuses. Never! I remember failing a test and coming home complaining "but Mom everyone failed that test. The teacher is...