Christ In Sports is committed to helping your church or youth group succeed. We have several fundraising opportunities available for you to take part in. At Christ in Sports, we understand the struggle for churches to develop fund raising ideas that make a lasting impact, without a lot of upfront costs. We strive to make the effort a bit easier.

All of the t-shirts at Christ In Sports are specifically designed to spread the word and acknowledgment of Jesus Christ. It is estimated that a Christian t-shirt is read by 3,000 different people before it is discarded! That is the lasting impact that we want to help you achieve – an effective way to minister and witness to everyone around you.

Christ In Sports also offers a very unique financial venture. NO UPFRONT COSTS! We don’t want you to invest in a fundraising idea that doesn’t end up working for your church. We want you to reap the benefits of your labor, without paying out more than is necessary. You will keep a portion of all your sales, and only send us the cost of the shirt. You can get immediate use of your funds raised!