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Stretch Partner Anyone?

Stretch Partner Anyone?

When people see me working out, they always say what are you training for. I quickly yell "life." Well while training today I thought to myself "Geez, I need a stretch partner." 

Then I thought to myself "I need one for life also."

 Why for life?

Well first let’s start with what a stretch partner really is. The fitness definition is someone that assists another with their flexibility. My definition of a stretch partner is someone who stretches one beyond their limits.

I think we all need a stretch partner.

  • Someone that stretches us past our comfort zones
  • Stretches...

Acceptable Loss

Acceptable Loss

I recently came across a movie titled Acceptable Loss

These two words positioned side by side caught my attention. We live in a world where to accept defeat is deemed as the ultimate death. We are taught numerous quotes and phrases such as: 

  • Never give up

  • Don't quit

  • Have grit

  • Perseverance

  • Can't stop a man who won't give up

I, myself believe in each and everyone of these words, phrases,...

Cookie Cutter Goals

Cookie Cutter Goals

Since it's Christmas time the thought of cookie cutter comes to mind. No I am not eating any of those crazy calories. Pause.... Sorry I had some chocolate morsels on my laptop that I had to wipe off. Don't judge me! Back to the point!

In regards to the cookie cutter I think about goals and dreams. People often tend to say I want to be like him or I want to be like her. That is fine and dandy. We all need that person to ignite a fire within us and to give us a base point of what can...