Where do you live!

What street do you live on?

  • Complacency circle:Most people turn into this neighborhood even though signs read "Dead End". One way in and one way out. Most people never leave. Too comfortable!
  • Mediocre Blvd- They have the illusion of being good with just enough. Not a risk taker. They dream small and compare themselves to others. Content with a little. Would love to relocate but believe that it takes to much work. Out of their league and not in their DNA.
  • Uncomfortable Road- Small neighborhood where the people here rarely sleep. Lights are never off. They wake up early. You take a tour of their house and they have pictures around the house full of quotes. Things like: never settle, perseverance, out work the competition, etc.
I asked a guy from uncomfortable road why he doesn't sleep and he repeated "Only thing you can get from sleep is a dream!"
When asked how do you handle failure they simply retorted , "What is that? You mean learning?"
They strive to be the best they can be daily!
What street do you reside on?

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