Don't Eat The Pie!

Yes, the new year is approaching and we are setting weight loss goals which will force us to stay away from the pie. However, in life we should not eat a particular kind of PIE! 

  What Pie is that? I'm glad you asked! 

People Inconsiderate of Everything!

These people will drain you!

Who are these people? What exactly are you talking about?


  • People you make time for but they don't return the favor

  • People you help in their time of need and they don't say a simple thank you

  • People you are there for in their time of need and when the tables turn they are no where to be found

  • People who immediately jump into how bad their day was and never ask you about yours

  • People after you talk with them leave you feeling drained

    The time has come to be a team! To be considerate! If someone blesses you or gives you their time (something that they can never get back) the least you can do is be grateful!

    Say thanks! Be kind! They did not have to do what they did! Simply put, follow the Golden Rule!

    Life is too short to be selfish! To be inconsiderate! Put away those selfish ways and be kind! 

     There are tons of missed opportunities!

    • A spouse that takes out the trash

    • A spouse that gets the kids ready

    • The bagger at the grocery store

    • The person that opened the door for you

    • The person that let you cut in front of them in line

        Go say thank you to someone today!

        Look for a way to say thank you!

        Now if they continue to serve this type of PIE on their menu there is nothing wrong with a quick fast!

        Fast, Detach, Remove. You choose the term you want and quickly get away from that draining individual. 

        Have a great day!

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