Why are you upset?

Just my perspective!!

People often approach me in regards to achieving their goals. They all say I'm a hard worker but can't seem to:

  1. Save the right amount of money

  2. Get out of debt

  3. Make the varsity team

  4. Pass all classes


Once again just my perspective.

I was raised with the mentality, of "if it's to be it's up to me!"  Now keep in mind my parents never let me make excuses. Never! I remember failing a test and coming home complaining "but Mom everyone failed that test. The teacher is mean." My parents simply looked at me and replied "your not like everybody else, you are Chris." 


What does that mean?

Look at yourself and be real with yourself. Yes, you brag and state that you are a hardworker but you are constantly working hard in a comfortable state. That never works! Never!


Go look up the stages of learning. You can only improve in the uncomfortable stage.


You are the captain of your ship. If you don't reach your goal it is no one else's fault.  Hence the attached poem Yourself to Blame.


Now keep in mind ...  


It's a scientific fact that when the end date is known people are more apt to stick to the goal. Meaning, if someone offered you a million dollars to endure being deserted on an island or body of water majority of people would be able to endure it as long as they knew the end date. In other words, the date that they  were going to be rescued. However, if placed somewhere and the rescue date was undetermined most would not succeed. 


I say this to point out the fact that most goals already have a determined date. 

  • College - 4 years. 

  • Weight loss - give yourself a year

  • Athlete - you know when the season starts 


So if you know the end date psyche yourself out and pep talk yourself. Do whatever it takes to reach your goal. 

I guarantee if you are real with yourself you will find the time in your schedule where you can be more efficient and more productive.



Don't get mad about the results you didn't get from the work you did not do!

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