Acceptable Loss

I recently came across a movie titled Acceptable Loss

These two words positioned side by side caught my attention. We live in a world where to accept defeat is deemed as the ultimate death. We are taught numerous quotes and phrases such as: 

  • Never give up

  • Don't quit

  • Have grit

  • Perseverance

  • Can't stop a man who won't give up

I, myself believe in each and everyone of these words, phrases, etc. 

With that in mind how can I believe in or even accept the phrase acceptable loss?

What in the world is an acceptable loss?

As most of you could imagine this got my brain wheels to turning. Loss? Acceptable? Together how?

Yes, that's it. 

You must lose to gain!

In order for the above quotes and phrases to apply one must experience a loss in order to gain!  

Examples please? (So glad you asked)

  • Returning to school as an adult requires a loss of ones' time and family time

  • To be a successful business owner requires a loss of free time, loss of close relationships, and quite frankly a loss of sanity. I say loss of sanity because sometimes ones' goals can be so big you have to be crazy to believe them yourself

  • To be a parent requires a loss we don't have time to even discuss

All of the above losses and those that go unmentioned have one thing in common. They are all examples of what I would now term as an Acceptable Loss! 

Go now and lose those things that are holding you back from advancing towards your goals. The loss definitely does not outweigh what you have to gain. Afterall, humans lose red blood cells daily but this has to happen in order to be replaced by new ones.

Aside from the above, the only other acceptable loss that I believe in is the loss of thyself. 

I'll leave it to the Bible to explain,

Philippians 1:21 reads, 

"For me, to Live is Christ and to die is gain"


Matthew 10:39 reads, 

"whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it."

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