Cookie Cutter Goals

Since it's Christmas time the thought of cookie cutter comes to mind. No I am not eating any of those crazy calories. Pause.... Sorry I had some chocolate morsels on my laptop that I had to wipe off. Don't judge me! Back to the point!

In regards to the cookie cutter I think about goals and dreams. People often tend to say I want to be like him or I want to be like her. That is fine and dandy. We all need that person to ignite a fire within us and to give us a base point of what can be. But don't stop there. Where they are currently and where they may end up is a great place but have you ever thought that your destination may be better?

I always find it amusing when people come to me with innovative ideas asking my opinion. Some ideas are great. Some I cannot relate to at all. They often tell me when they present these ideas to others they laugh at me or deter me from my ideas. I realize this happens very often in today's society. We have people who constantly state their goals and dreams aloud and tend to be mocked and laughed at.

Let me remind you of 3 specific companies. (bare with me)

  • The Snuggie. Could you imagine us all sitting around and I say hey fellas I need a couple thousand dollars to start this company. It's pretty much an adult onesie. I think the world is going to love it. I'm sure you all are looking at me like shut the front door. You must be crazy. But look at the Snuggie today! As you're reading this you may very well be in your Snuggie right now.

  • Google. This one I love because before the word Google became a household name or a Websters dictionary verb the word was nonexistent. So I can only sit back and laugh when I replay the thought of me asking my parents or friends for money to start a company called Google. They would have been goo what. You must have lost your everlasting mind. This surely did not discover Google. As a matter of fact as you're reading this blog you may very well be using Google Chrome.

  • Uber. I love this one. I would have been kicked out of the house for telling my parents "hey, I'm going to start picking people up around town for some extra cash." They quickly would have replied you are not a taxi or a yellow cab! Uber definitely is not that. Which is why they are highly successful and have raised the bar.

There are tons of great innovations out there that have yet to come into fruition! I believe it was Les Brown who said, "The graveyard is the richest place on earth." This is so true! It is the richest place because that is the place you will find a multitude of hopes, goals and dreams that were never fulfilled.

Live your life! Keyword: your life. I recall when commentators would constantly try to compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Why compare? Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan. LeBron James is LeBron James. Guess what? You are you!


Comparison is the thief of joy!


 In achieving your goal never listen to the world! Instead listen to the word! God made us all differently! He was the Potter and we are the clay. He molded us all differently and uniquely. I often tell kids in the world of social media it it difficult to differentiate between the two. The easiest way to do so is to notice that word has no "L" and World does. That "L" in world stands for liar. Which is exactly what the world will do to you! So don't listen! If anything do exactly the opposite of what they tell you to do!

Stay grounded in your faith and onward march. Think outside the box! Be innovative! Don't be normal that is boring! Be you. Work on you! Be a better you! And in time be the Best you!


I dare you to be different , shock, startle and move the world!

I dare you to be the best you and exceed your objectives! Not the world.

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