What is success without an audience?

As I age in the society that we live in today I ask myself this question constantly. We see it daily all around us. We see people post for likes, hearts, sad faces, etc.


Not saying this is wrong or that this is a bad thing to do.
I feel as though, the more I talk to the younger generation I find that they pride themselves of this. I spoke to a group of high school seniors recently and I recall one of them asking me "how many followers do you have?" Now, at the time I quickly glanced over my shoulder thinking I had a stalker in close proximity that was following me. Crazy, I know. Then I quickly discovered that he was referring to my Facebook and Instagram accounts.
To me this is a problem!
I was brought up and taught to be the best that I can be no matter who was watching or the reward. Over the years, I have developed a small group of people (less than 5) that wake me daily and are the reason that I go after my dreams. We talk often in person or over the phone. Their opinions matter to me and they truly have my best interest at heart.
I feel that as I grow older it is my job and duty to inform the younger generation. Inform them of what? I am so happy you asked.
Inform them of:
  • People are not always going to agree with your decisions and that is ok!
  • You may not be the star on the team and that is perfectly fine. But the fact of the matter is you are still on the team.
  • You need no validation from anyone.
  • No matter how many likes you get on your profile photo you are still beautiful or handsome.
  • You need no one's permission to be the best you.
  • Whether people like your actions, posts or not does not make you any less successful.
I once read a quote from someone saying "I used to care what people said about me, until one day I tried to pay my bills with their opinions."
This is so very true. Be the best you. Establish a small group of friends or family that add fuel to your fire and if your fire goes out they will without a doubt help you reignite your fire. Not laugh or make fun of you for not being able to keep it lit.
Lastly, I am by no means perfect. I pray for integrity daily and strive to be like Him. In saying so, Phillipians 2:7 reads,
"rather He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness."
I guarantee there are very few servants out there if any that require the need for an audience! 

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