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God Got Me, God Tee, I need thee, No Steroids, No Steroids Just God, no sweat, Not lucky Just Blessed -

Sometimes we want to skip and bypass the process and jump to the end result. Majority of the time we have to go through the trenches, the heartache, the pain to get to the glory. Often times people say: I want a bigger house I want a raise I want my own business I want my kids to be adults None of these things come easy. A certain amount of work must be done before you achieve these. Yes, WORK. Roll your sleeves up, get your hands dirty and stay faithful to the process. Commit to the grind and the...

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God Got Me, no sweat -

I remember watching this Facebook post about a teacher writing 5 multiplication problems on the chalk board and purposely writing one incorrectly to teach the kids a lesson. The children mocked her and laughed at her despite the fact that all of the other problems were correct.   The lesson: In life no matter how many good things you do the world will find that one thing you did wrong and criticize you for it. But do not get discouraged. Always stay strong and rise above the hate.   This reminded me of sports. People will dictate your whole career...

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