Everyone has weight loss goals, financial goals, career goals, and life goals but when things get tough we make excuses.
  • It’s too hard, I have asthma.
  • I’m just big boned.
  • I can’t eat that all the time (lean meats).
  • No one in my family graduated. Why should I?
  • My parents were overweight.
  • I have kids.
  • Oh that guy made it cause his parents had money.
  • I can’t save money cause I don’t make enough.
When I hear these excuses, I can’t help but yell OMG!
One Must have GRIT!
The mindset that failure is not an option. We look up to and idolize stars that have this same trait. They have grit. It’s not easy by any means, but the rewards are well worth it!
Quit with the excuses. Roll your sleeves up and get after it. Quit stopping because the scale stopped moving.
Quit stopping cause you failed a class.
Quit stopping cause you have kids.
Quit stopping period. Stay the course.
I drive a small ford focus that I do not like. However, I love what the focus stands for:
Follow One Course Until Successful
Get your Grit today!

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