I Stay on E!

It's funny that we only get gas or seek out gas stations when we need it! Its kind of how we do God. What if our gas tank was set to E every night and we had to fill up every morning. This is how we should feel about Christ everyday. "Seek ye" the first thing in the morning. Not as a convenience. When we seem fit.
Some people even have a Tesla mentality
  • They can go miles without gas. They have these electric cars to help them avoid gas stations. But they can only go a certain amount of miles before they have to get some good old Gas or recharge their vehicle.
God has a funny way of bringing us back to Him.
They say that gas is an inelastic demand. Which means no matter how high the price goes we will still need it.
God should be inelastic. No matter how good we think are we still need Him.
So let your gas tank default to E every night. Wake up in the morning with prayer and Christ on your mind.

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