In life, we set out to be the best that we can be from a very young age. We are often told to go be great, go be awesome, and to go be a leader. We often take jobs or create inventions in the likelihood of being the best. We want to be the who’s who!
What if we put a spin on all of this? Instead of saying go be the best, we say go do your best.
What do you mean? I’m happy you asked. 
You can go talk to any kid out there and they will quickly tell you that they want to be the best doctor, best athlete, or best actor. If you ask them why, its because they want notoriety, fame, and glory. Seems as though they have something to prove. 
In my coaching days I use to converse with fellow coaches and tell them that I would rather coach a kid with heart and drive any day (a Rudy) than a kid that had God given talents with an ego. The kid with heart and drive wants to do for the team and himself. The kid with the talent and ego just wants to be. 
Why Be?
  • you will be recognized (nationally, facebook likes, social media followers)
  • you may have fame
  • you may be remembered
  • personal gain
Why Do?
  • because you view it as your purpose
  • its what your heart desires 
  • you want to make an impact for others
  • selflessness 
Think about the next time you set a goal. Is it your intent “to do”? Meaning, you may go unnoticed, people may not ever hear of your hard work or your legacy. You may not be forgotten because they never even knew you in the first place. However, if your intent is “to do” then you may change lives. Rather than boasting, bragging or posting on facebook, you are too busy being focused and bettering your craft. Your work will speak for itself. “To be” your ego controls your actions.
Putting a spiritual spin to it. -)
Jesus did not die on the cross to be remembered  nor for fame. He died on the cross “to do”. What did he do? He gave us everlasting life. He gave us favor, grace, and mercy. He died for us to fulfill His purpose which was to be our savior. 
So when setting and achieving your goals approach your goals with a “to do” mindframe and not a “to be” mindframe. 

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