Stop Picking Your Scabs!

I remember growing up my mom would always yell at me “Stop picking your scabs”! Now that I’m older I understand that a scab has a purpose.
A scab is an incrustation that forms over a sore or a wound during healing.
This made me think why shouldn’t I pick my scabs afterall:
  • Picking at them can leave permanent marks
  • Scabs build very strong immunity to healing
  • Picking at them delays the healing process
  • When they are done with their job they will simply fall off

Is this not similar to pain we have had in our past and current life?

Sometimes we go through trials that leave us wounded. We find ourselves constantly thinking about it and it angers us more and more each time.
  • Death! We ask why God? In anger.
  • Hurt from a loved one
  • Dispute from a coworker or friend (family is not exempt)

How can we get over this?

Constantly, thinking about the situation or picking at the situation is not the key. Stop thinking of the problem and find a solution. Picking at the problem has the same affect as our scab.
If we let the wound heal:
  • we will develop our own immunity to the situation preventing it from happening again.
  • We will have a complete healing process. There will be no permanent marks left on us. (similar to past relationships, let them go!)
The great thing about letting a life scab run its course is that it sets us up for one hell of a come back. Psalms 30:5 states, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.
Let Go & Let God!
Afterall, His grace is our ointment!

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