Simple ways to achieve with 3 C's

The 3 C's.
Triple C's. Not the Rick Ross rap group that most may be thinking but instead it stands for conviction, comfort and Christ.
  • To achieve a goal which convicts you, comfort must die.  You cannot have both.  To reach new heights and new levels one must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Now, no one said that this period of conviction and discomfort would be easy.  Better yet it could quite possibly be the hardest thing you have ever done. 
But whilst you are in the storm, the fire,  the hardship period you must remember the last and most important C. Which is Christ. 
  • The power we have with this last "C" is limitless.  With him we can do all but fail.  We can do all things.  His grace is sufficient. 

So set your goal.  Convict yourself to that goal.  Steer clear of comfort. Lastly and most importantly, always keep Christ with you!

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