Lights, camera, action!

Quick tips on approaching life.
  1. Lights - be thankful for the lights (your eyes). They open first thing in the morning. The two lights that open in the morning are proof that you are alive and have another opportunity at life. Be grateful of this because not everyone was able to turn on their lights today. 
  2. The camera - this is your bathroom mirror that you glare into first thing in the morning. Glare into this mirror and encourage yourself before you start the day. This is the most important  camera that exist. It is the true camera. So treat it as such. Anything that you say to it will come to fruition whether good or bad. So make sure you omit negativity when speaking into the camera.
  3. Action - this is the big opportunity. This is what everyone speaks of when they say faith without deeds is dead. Well this is the deed. Go out and prove yourself right. Go out and do the things you spoke into the camera. People tend to forget the action part. People often say "You can be anything you want to be in this world," but I feel as if they forgot to add one important detail. Yes, you can if you are willing to put in the work. So go do just that. Put your words, thoughts and goals into action.
Remember lights, camera, action daily! Be grateful and press forward. 
Keep in mind that your worst day is someone else's best day!

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