Happy New Year! Go get what is yours!

In 2017, you may have failed. You may have not made the strides that you set out to conquer. You may feel as if you ended in the same position that you were in the previous year.

Well listen up!

No Sense in crying over spilled milk! Learn from it and next time know where to place the cup so that you will not spill it again.

I believe it was Mark Cuban who said, “Every no gets me closer to a yes.”

There are people wrongfully accused every year for a crime that they did not commit. They are in jail and have been there for years but haven’t given up hope. They are confined, imprisoned yet they still have hope. What’s your excuse? I was always told if you don’t like where you are in life, you are not a tree get up and move! You are not tied to anything. Bounce back. Throw away the excuses and push forward. You may not be great at it now but the “Expert at anything was once a beginner.”  Never give up on yourself.

Seek ye first.
Stay steadfast.
Stay grounded.

In 2018, be a better you and quit looking over the ledge and jump. Jump towards success. Who cares if you fail. Don’t check to see if the parachute works. Just jump and figure it out on the way down.

 “Sometimes your faith has to be the down payment on your future”.

Happy New Year and I wish you all success in 2018!

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