Forget a Fitbit! What if we had a Sinbit?

Ok since the entire world is using this new invention called the Fitbit I have a question. If you do not know what a Fitbit is a simple Google search will bring you up to speed. Now to the question.
What if we had a sinbit instead of a fitbit. This lil thingamajig could track our thoughts, our sins, daily worship, prayer, and Christ like behavior.
Better yet, what if we all enrolled into a sinbit competition at work where the goal was to see who could be more Christ like, sin the least and worship the most on a daily basis?
  • Where would you stand?
  • Would you wear the watch?
  • Would you want your results shown?
  • What if it gave a slight shock to the wrist if you were failing or lacking in a particular area?
I, myself, hmmm my wrist would be permanently numb. I probably would be shocked to death and left with no feelings in my fingers.
I am forever thankful of how forgiving Our God is. His grace is unbelievable. Despite Him being our sinbit and knowing everything about us (thoughts included) He continues to wake us and bless us daily.
The Bible says, "if you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord who could stand? Psalms 130:3 (NIV)
Thank God we do not have a sinbit in reality and He forgives us.
Romans 8:1 states "So now, those who are in Christ Jesus are not judged guilty". God keeps no track of our wrongdoings once we accept him. He forgives us.
Lastly, His agape love for us is unspeakable. He says in Deuteronomy 31:6, that He will not leave us or forget us!
Just a thought!

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