We all know the story of the chicken & the pig. They are walking together and they pass a charity ball. The chicken tells the pig, “Hey, we should donate some ham and eggs for charity.” Sounds great, huh? The pig looks over and says, “For you it’s a contribution but for me it’s a sacrifice.”
When setting goals I feel that sometimes we have the “if we build it, they will come” mentality. Some examples of this:
  • I attend the class, so I should pass?
  • I attend church, so I should go to heaven?
  • I always work hard in practice, so colleges and pro sport teams should be knocking on my door constantly.
  • I financially contributed to the business that should be enough for its success.
Each of these examples show a contribution. Now, I absolutely do not want to take away from these contributions because for some I know it was not easy. However, for ultimate success, happiness, and skyrocketing profit gains it takes more.
It takes complete sacrifice. We need to have the pig mindset and give ourselves wholly to the process. Late night studying, practicing outside our regular practice hours, personal study time, lack of sleep and facebook time, etc…
If you want something, you will need more than a contribution. It will take sweat and some tears, but in the end that “pig” mentality will pay off.
Give yourself to the task and commit! Never Give up!
Roll your sleeves up and don’t worry about getting dirty. Even pigs get in the mud and roll around from time to time, yet, they are still heavily sought after.

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