Change your lens!

The other evening I slept in my contacts. When I woke up my eyes were extremely dry. Yes, it was against my doctor’s orders, but I was tired. I changed my contacts that morning and began to think, "is this necessary?" When you google or search “why should I take out my contact lens?”, many things are found. The common denominator that continued to pop up was that you can possibly go blind. Wow! That hit me. I immediately thought of a quote from Maya Angelou,

“We are only as blind as we want to be.”

What do the two have to do with one another?

It is a 100 % fact that we are in full control of our vision. Disclaimer, please if you have bad eye sight seek help. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt an at home Lasik surgery. Ok back to the point.

Change your lens!

We are the captain of our ship. If our vision is blurred or foggy we have the power to go to the mirror and immediately change our mindset. I mention the mirror because this is the place that I do most of my self-talk. I stare into the mirror and tell myself you can do this. You are the best. Keep it up. You are stronger than you think. Now before you roll your eyes, I was taught that it's ok to talk to yourself as long as you do not talk back. Stare yourself down in the mirror and speak positively. Change your view each morning.

Disposable Lens!

I believe it is a necessity to change your contacts (aka your vision) daily. I love the disposable lenses. No storing processes. Simply wear and toss. Very similar to life. Live the day that you are currently in and at night no matter how it went take out those lenses and toss them. Do not let the problems of yesterday haunt your today. Quite simply if you fell yesterday, stand up today. Tomorrow is in the past. Live in the present!

Optimal rotation of contact lenses for true health!

Changing your contacts daily entails many things.

  • Reading to learn what is out there and available to you
  • Dream daily
  • Reassess your goals. Are your goals up to date?
  • Clear focus

As the old people say “You are not a tree. If you are not happy where you are just move.”

Change your contacts today!

Your new vision starts at this very moment. If you are not at home go find a bathroom! A clean one please! Go talk to yourself right now! Need help on things to say to yourself? I love the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

Know who’s you are not who you are!

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