In life people just switch lanes like it’s nothing. Without thinking and sometimes without looking back. They feel that another lane gives them an advantage and they take it. No one says anything about it.
Old, young, and in between we all do it. But in life when we are unhappy with our current lane, we complain and pout about how miserable our lane is.
Why is that?
All we have to do is simply change to another lane that we feel is better for us. No different than the car analogy. We are the driver and in control of our lives. Our choice! We don’t even have to use a blinker. We can just merge right on over. Yes, it’s that simple.
  • Do we have a passenger in our vehicle trying to drive for us?
  • Is our car not able to go left or right? I hope this isn’t the case because it clearly would have not passed your state’s inspection laws.


Well thank God we do not have to worry about passing an inspection exam. We came fully equipped with all we need to succeed and excel. (Made in His image and He makes no mistakes)
So if you don’t like your lane find one that works better for you. Merge over. If hesitant on changing lanes look in the rear view mirror to remind you of your current status (the one you’re not happy with). That usually does the trick!

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