Burdens Are Blessings

Burdens are blessing. (They ignite a fire within us, if we let it)

  • We all love being blessed, correct?
  • We often hear people say I woke up this morning, I’m blessed!
  • My bills are paid, I’m blessed.

On another note we often hear people say after a burden:
  • I need to get back in to the gym, I’m single now.
  • I need to get my resume together, better myself, I may get laid off.
  • I need to manage my finances better, I may lose my house.

Scenario1: Person gets cancer. They are told their time is limited by their doctor. They learn to cope with it. In the meantime they start to learn to live. They’re not as angry all the time. You catch them smiling at the little things in life, getting closer to their family, and being nicer to other.

Blessing: Now no one would sit here and say Thank You God for this
bout of cancer. I appreciate it very much. Let’s dig deeper. In the Bible it states that a burden is a blessing. So in our scenario the person beats cancer and yells at the top of her lungs, I AM BLESSED!!

Yes you are. God delivered you from that burden. But you were also blessed by having that burden. It made you slowdown in life. It made you get closer to family. It changed your outlook on life. It even brought you closer to Christ. Now once you are delivered from this blessing do not forget the burden and learn from it.

Scenario2: Mr. Man is the ideal husband. Breadwinner and employee. In hindsight he has become complacent on his job. He has the tomorrow is promised mentality. Nothing can go wrong. Nice car, house, and summer vacations. Even has a nanny to raise his kids. He wakes up one morning
to find out his company has gone under and he is now unemployed. He loses his house, some of his 401k and is no longer summer vacationing.

Something ignites in him. He finds a new skill. Works his hiny off. In a few years he is now working for himself. Making double what he was making with his corporate job. He now saves and lives on a smaller scale.

Blessing: This scenario it unfortunate and sucks. Why me? Is what we often say. But this burden taught him to get off his behind, never be complacent, and to continuously raise the bar. Yes, years later we may say God blessed me this year whew. But in reality God blessed you years back when he gave you that burden. He opened your eyes, ignited a fire within you.
Now that you are blessed it is your job to not forget that burden and lesson. Keep it with you and always remember. A
burden is a blessing. Not just the simple fact that you were delivered from the burden is the blessing.

The End: This applies to all in various situations, bout of cancer or illness, loss of unemployment, child or family member on drugs, etc.

Learn from your burden. Roll up your sleeves and tough it out and take notes in the meantime.

If you think about it a boxer jabs the entire fight to keep their
opponent away from them. He does not wait until he is in trouble right. So he is proactive not reactive. Maybe we should be that way in our lives. Not waiting for life to hit us hard. Work hard always,never get complacent. Stay close to family you never know what may come.


Most importantly, smile when a burden comes your way. In the end you will be stronger. I guess when we were younger and it was time to get a whooping from our parents we should have ran to our parents and said her mom/dad take the belt, WHOOP ME PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. I KNOW I AM GOING TO BETTER LATER. Now that may be a bit extreme. Stay blessed!!!

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