Automatic Life (To many cellphones)

I was eating at a restaurant the other day and there was a family of 5 sitting at the table. Every last one of them had their phones out. Immediately a few thoughts ran through my mind.

  • Maybe they are messaging each other and they are mutes
  • Man their necks are going to hurt and since I'm in chiropractic school and a massage therapist maybe I should give them my card
  • Good lord they are busy I bet that 8yr old is a day trader making some serious loot on the nasdaq

Ok back to the message. It made me think and reflect on my life and my family. How many times do we often just walk to the light switch in a room and flick the light?

Going through Hurricane Harvey knowing we do not have power I have hit the light switch so many times it's embarrassing.

Do we think we are in control? Do we live by some code of automacity? If we think it, it will happen. We are not God! And tomorrow is not promised.

I challenge myself and everyone else to go eat with your family or your friend today. Do that! Go eat with them and live in that moment. Put your phone to the side or leave it in the car. They are there with you currently but can be taken from you in a moment.

Once they are gone you cannot automatically dial their number and assume they will answer. It does not work like that! Enjoy the moment with your son, daughter, spouse or loved one. Watch them smile. Pay attention to the tiny details. Make a mental photograph of them and enjoy! Your phone will be there and I'm sure when you get back to it there will actually be some Facebook updates or statuses for you to like! But at this very moment pay attention to the status of the person or persons in front of you! I challenge you and myself!

Life is not automatic! We are here and then we are gone!

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