Addicted to Approval

First and foremost I must give credit to the man who taught me this concept! Dr. Mac Lee, Edna, Texas. Approval addiction! He doesn't think I listen to him but boy is he wrong! One of the wisest and most driven men I know.

 As a society why are we addicted to approval? Why are we addicted to atta-boy's! in the world we live in today we have children committing suicide because they did not receive an adequate number of facebook likes. We have people giving up on their dreams because they didn't seek approval from their friends and family members.

 What is approval addiction?

"Feeling the need or having the dependency of approval of others"

My stance on this is quite simple, Who Are You? Who are you to tell me what I can or cannot do?

God made us in His image! There is no right or wrong way to success! How do I know this?

  • There is an ex crackhead out there right now that didn't need anyone's approval. His name is Samuel L. Jackson
  • There's a high school dropout turned millionaire right now living in the world. One happens to be named Jim Carrey
  • Like him or not there is a president that was of a different skin tone but sought out to have his name in print and picture on a wall next to others who looked nothing like him. I believe his name is Barack Obama.
Quick and easy steps to follow
  • The world will tell you no just make sure you tell yourself "Yes." make sure you do it often!
  • Practice daily being a better you
  • Serve and surround yourself with people who need what you have to offer. Quit being a people pleaser. Serve those who need you!
  • Accept who you are! Be the best you. Accept your flaws and shortcomings. Learn from them

You can be whatever you choose to be! You need no one's approval! If you remember nothing else from this blog, please remember this: 

"It's not who you are that matters, it's who's you are that matters"

 You are a child of God and His approval is the only one you should seek!

Now go approve yourself today! And become addicted to being a better you!

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